About Me

Jason Amada has long been a fellow fascinated by new opportunities to learn. Instead of coming from a traditional, small-town American background, common for the majority of folks, Amada grew up in New York City. His home was in Forest Hills, Queens, and also lived on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. Like many other families, he had to move around from time to time, relocating from one rental to the next as needed. Just about every week, something different was happening in a town that practically could have been its own country, how busy it was. Neighbors were moving in and out, buildings were going through renovations. Also, the playgrounds turned into parking lots. The change was all around. While other parts of New York City stayed the same over the decades, much of what Jason Amada knew growing up in his childhood involved fluidity and fast-paced day to day life.

Transitioning to a Career

No surprise, when it came time for Jason Amada to pursue a career and professional life, he opted for an industry that had a similar high-speed octane style of demand, which suited Amada well for years. However, he was always looking for something new and different. The idea of working for someone else his whole life didn’t appeal to Jason Amada as a lifetime pursuit. He wanted to be his own man, his own name, and his own fate.

Realizing One’s Real Direction

The real direction that Jason Amada wanted to go in really didn’t manifest itself until he finally started his own online e-commerce business with a focus on Amazon and eBay. With that new venture, Amada finally realized a combination of talents he had built over the years with the added aspect of being his own boss, driving his own hours, and running his own business. Even better, Amada didn’t have to deal with all the sunk costs of a traditional brick-and-mortar business; everything was online and all part of the new digital world that is upon us.

Similar to what has happened repeatedly with people before him, especially in New York City, Jason Amada has brought his own version of the small American businessman to fruition. The only difference is that Amada’s version is in tune with the 21st-century technology demand versus the old-style store, counter, and physical store model. However, the beauty of the e-commerce store is that it makes Amada’s business life far easier to manage. Instead of worrying about directing people to do 50 things a day on a store floor, Amada is directing computers to manage all the work on websites. Customers browse as they need to, while Amada gets to focus on marketing and promoting his store almost 90 percent of the time. In essence, far more of his activity is focused on value-generating work than would happen in a physical store focused on managing and serving people.

There's More to Life Than Just Business Profits

Where possible, though, Jason Amada does look for ways to give back to his community. He remembers his days of being a New York City kid growing up in the Big Apple. Not everyone had it easy in his town during his childhood. So, where it’s possible, Amada looks for ways to help support kids now through community center projects and support of kids’ programs in town that rely on people like Jason Amada to make things a reality for the kids they serve.

Learning from the School of Hard Knocks

Looking back, it didn’t hurt Jason Amada to have a business-oriented education, gaining his bachelor’s degree from Baruch College. However, much of what he does now running a business online is learned by practice, personal research, watching and learning from examples, and testing ideas that either did or did not work in his particular situation. Over time, that experience building has become invaluable in running a successful e-commerce business, and it can’t be duplicated by textbooks or classroom lectures.

Scanning forward and fully expecting the Internet to continue to grow in opportunities and new venues for business, Jason Amada is diving full force into his e-business and online selling. The environment is ripe for growth, more expansion, and new options for consumers to take advantage of, especially now as the current e-commerce world is beginning to tie into the digital metaverse, and the NFT world is growing exponentially. For online sellers like Jason, the line is rapidly blurring between physical and digital products to sell, and there’s no shortage of demand for new concepts. It’s an excellent time to be at the forefront of the next business paradigm, and Jason Adama plans to stay on this ride for as long as he can.


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